Why Insulate?

An Insulated Home is a Healthy Home

Insulating your home well is the most effective thing you can do to keep it comfortable and healthy. It will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer – providing year-round comfort. Furthermore, NZ research studies have found a definitive link between insulation and health showing that once insulated:

  • people reported their homes were ‘significantly warmer’ and drier;
  • considerable improvement in the self-reported health compared to those whose houses weren’t adequately insulated;
  • people reported fewer GP visits, less hospital admissions for respiratory conditions and less reported sick days; and
  • people reported less visible mould in their homes.

Many New Zealand homes have inadequate insulation and are cold and damp.  Often home owners will think the existing insulation they have in their ceiling is effective, however if the existing insulation is less then 70mm thick, then it is not an adequate barrier to stop heat escaping.

Typical Household electricity consumption

  • 6% cooking
  • 10% refrigeration
  • 13% Other
  • 29% Water Heating
  • 34% Heating Rooms

An Insulated Home is Cheaper to Run

It will save you money as a lot of energy is lost in a poorly insulated home, driving up your heating costs.  With around 35% of the energy used in the average New Zealand household going towards heating – insulation is worth the investment.

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